Thredbo Camps Jan 2014

In what has become a regular feature of the Bushwalkers’ January calendar, walkers once again travelled to the Australian Alps this summer to enjoy the cooler climate. This year we were based at the Schuss Lodge in Thredbo, with the first week for A and B level walkers, and the second week for Bs and Cs.

Week 1

Six days of walking in the relative cool of the high country of the Kosciuszko National Park is certainly enticing in January, and 16 A and B walkers made their way to Thredbo and the Schuss Lodge. The programme unfolded effortlessly; so many, many thanks to Geoff and Bev and Chris. We arrived in cool conditions but baking temperatures down on the plains made their way eventually up the mountain, necessitating swims in the Thredbo River and Lake Jindabyne.

The walks were varied and started with an excellent warm-up walk along the Thredbo River. We meandered back, had lunch and swam from the grassy banks of the Bullocks Flat hut. Walks after that headed for the hills and we enjoyed cross country walking up through the Ramsheads, where we were met by a magnificent black stallion, his mares and a foal. We joined the main drag to Mt Kosciuszko, just before the summit.

Another day the Cascades Trail was followed until we took to the bush and climbed The Chimneys, reveling in a cool breeze. A mysterious hut on the way back was on the list of things to find but is still a mystery. Hot weather saw a change in the programme to a more shady walk out along the Rennix Track with a faster one back as rather pretty, green eyed March flies decided we were lunch.

A favourite was a long day from Charlotte Pass heading up to Hedley Tarn, Blue Lake, Little Twynum, Mt Twynum and back via Carruthers Peak. The wonder of being high in the alpine meadows above the tree-line, amongst alpine lakes, surrounded by wildflowers, walking across boulder fields and playing in snow drifts was pretty hard to beat.

Just for something different the last walk was a misty, cool hike up Sawpit Creek to the waterfall where raindrops clung to leaves and everything and everybody was refreshed.

Some Highlights:

  • Jumping on the Crackenback chairlift instead of walking down the steel platform,
  • wildflowers and more wildflowers,
  • freeing a bird trapped in fishing line that had wound round its legs and ensnared it in a tree and
  • all the funny, lovely, interesting people who together make little adventures like this so good!

Week 2

The second week was equally enjoyable. Good use was made of the chairlift on several days, including the walk to the summit of Mount Kosciuszko, and a long and rewarding walk from Charlotte Pass. And, as always, wonderful company!

Many thanks to Chris for hosting both weeks as well as planning and running many of the walks.