Welcome to Retire Active SA Bushwalkers

Retire Active SA Bushwalkers is an activity sub-group of Retire Active SA. With 480 members we are one of the largest walking groups in South Australia.

Retire Active SA was established (as ARPA) in 1981 to provide a wide range of activities and services for older South Australians. It is a non-profit, voluntary organisation with a current active membership of over sixteen hundred.

Each month the Bushwalkers organise over twenty day walks in and around Adelaide. The walks range from gentle 2 to 3 hour strolls to challenging 5 to 6 hour hikes. A number of camps are held each year within Australia with a range of different walks each day. Camps are also used as a way of completing long distance trails such as the Heysen Trail. Occasionally camps are held overseas. The club also encourages members to support various friends groups such as Scott Creek or Sturt Gorge and attend their weeding days.

All the walks and camps are organised by members on a voluntary basis. This is a vibrant group which inspires confidence in life’s possibilities.

Who can join?

The Bushwalkers are part of Retire Active SA and therefore membership is only available to financial members of the Association. Any member of Retire Active SA can be a member of the Bushwalkers group.

Visitors are always welcome. You can come on two walks as a visitor to find out what a friendly bunch we are and try the different grades. Please start with a C or D walk.

If you decide to walk regularly with the Bushwalkers, you will need to join both Retire Active SA and the Bushwalkers. Feel free to contact us via the Contact page.

To download membership forms please go to the Membership page.

Details of membership of Retire Active SA can also be obtained from:
Retire Active SA office (Office hours: Tue-Fri 9.30am – 2.30pm)
Level 4, 25 Leigh St
Adelaide, South Australia
Telephone: 08 8211 9711
Fax: 08 8211 9244.