Coorong at Salt Creek Camp

March 31, the Coorong at Salt Creek, 20 C and D walkers assembled, eagerly anticipating a week of walking, kindly organised by Judy.  Some in tents, some in vans, others in holiday houses and some at the Policeman`s Point hotel – not 5 stars but 5 essential C`s – cheap, clean, comfortable and country cooking.


The week’s walks had everything you could want – native bushland, avenues of tea-trees, salt pans, Chinese history, sand dunes, wildlife, beach walks, walks along the Coorong shoreline, walks along Salt Creek with its bird life and snakes. The only hill was on the last day and the view from the top was spectacular.

The banter between the C`s and D`s flowed. The D`s even tried to claim their walk on the first day was longer than the C`s until it was pointed out that the trip in the car to get to the start of the walk didn`t count.

We identified the tracks left by the wildlife in the sand – kangaroo, emu, red deer, fallow deer, wombat, ARPA bushwalker. We even thought we had photographic evidence of the legendary but elusive Coorong black panther – except it turned out to be a fox.


Happy hours, a lay day to do what took your fancy, and a nightly firepit – altogether an extremely enjoyable week – thank you Judy.

So next time you stop at Salt Creek for petrol (you won`t get any – the service station is closed) do yourself a favour – go for a walk. Better still say a while (or a week) and go walking – you will enjoy it. We certainly did.