Falls Creek Camps

A rock cairn memorial on the Fainter Tk.

Past bushfires evident on Spion Kopje Tr.

Two successive and very successful camps were held at Falls Creek, Victoria, in mid-January – both hosted by Chris and Marita, occasional managers of the self-catering Schuss Lodge. It was a perfect base for our six walking days/one rest day in such pristine alpine surroundings.

Walks ranged from aqueducts around the village to 7 summiting Mt Bogong. All walks (A,B,C and D) were very well organised and our accommodation spacious. Scenery was spectacular even if, at times, rather warm and flowers were abundant.

Favourite tracks were Frying Pan Spur, Heathy Spur, the ridge top track from the Niggerheads, Kelly/Fitzgerald Tracks, Wallace track to Mt Cope to name a few.

Ski-slope huts (Fryingpan)

Historic huts (Fitzgerald)

A beautiful day to summit Mt Bogong

A walkers had a few challenges!