Grampians, Halls Gap, September 2019

The Grampians are a wonderland of colours and shades; native plants with discrete flowers; rock formations with surfaces like hides, and, small musical birds.

The walks were divided into five levels of difficulty,  giving ample  choice for all of the 92 members who attended this week long camp. One blessing was that each walk had one walker who could help identify the sweet call of the numerous birds – once the squalking white cockatoos had finished their grizzling! Another walker could help name the individual, unique orchids, or, the  small, vivid native flowers of the numerous bushes.

Walking is much more than getting to a destination. It‘s a bush appreciation experience!  It’s meeting new walkers! It’s consolidating friendships!

Even the names of the highlights of each walk gave an added dimension. Names like Cool Chamber, Echo Cave and Silent Street. They invite you to linger!

Many walkers are gifted with good knees, calves and thighs. Others, who have particular physical limitations manage these by choosing to continue to walk but at a more suitable level. The five levels of choice offered at this Camp indicates the consideration put into the planning.

 One D walk report spoke of eventually getting onto the mountain tops towards the end of the camp and observing the flowing creeks, lush bush and sun swept valleys. I trust we all continue to be thankful that the Adelaide ARPA Bush walkers are blessed with such a great, active and positive community at all grades of walking.

This was perhaps highlighted by another walker who had been invited to the camp and found that the week was a good health investment for body, mind and soul. This  verse of poetry written by Stuart K Hine and Australianised seems to summarise this Grampians bush walk camp:

“When through the bush and gum-tree glades I wander
and hear the birds sing sweetly in the trees;
when I look down from lofty mountain grandeur,
and hear the creek and feel the gentle breeze”

Isn’t this why we love to walk?
It even makes us want to sing!!