Heysen Trail Maintenance Camp Laura July 2012

The ARPA Bushwalkers maintain a section of about 130 km of the Heysen Trail between Georgetown and Mount Remarkable. An annual maintenance camp of about four days is held in a suitable location to upgrade this section of the track. This year the camp was held at Laura with eleven volunteer bushwalkers attending. The Friends of Heysen Trail (FOHT) provide a trailer which is towed to Laura with tools and supplies such as marker posts, stile posts, step planks and marker signs.

Each working day tasks are allocated to groups of volunteers. These tasks include the upgrading of signage, clearance of overgrowth on the trail, small re-routes, trail surveying and erection or upgrading of stiles.

This year there was a number of tasks to accomplish and some of these were:
• Upgrading of two stiles near Beetaloo Reservoir.
• Installation of two stiles near the TV Towers west of Wirrabara Forest.
• Removal of signs on a section of the trail in Wirrabara Forest.
• Clearance of overgrowth on sections of the trail near the TV Towers, Sheepyard Creek and Hughes Gap.
• Surveying of trail south of Melrose and in Wirrabara Forest.

A feature of the work this year was the replacement of marker posts near the Apricot Track which had been damaged during the recent fires in the Wirrabara Forest. Several posts and signage were replaced in this area.

The group concluded a successful camp with a dinner at Laura.