Inneston Camp – September

Fourteen walkers enjoyed a five day camp at Inneston in the Inneston National Park in Southern York Peninsula in early September. There were four walking days which catered for C and D grades. The Park provided a wide variety of coastal scenery and wildlife. The weather was for the most part conducive to enjoying the sights.
Accommodation was in various lodges which were originally built to house executives of the gypsum mining company early last century.
Blue skies and calm days made the first two days walking comfortable. Some went to Brown’s Beach, others to West Cape. Pondalowie Surf Beach, and Royston Head which was made memorable with the colours of the sea, the surf and sand.
The next two days were a direct contrast when a vigorous cold front swept in giving walkers some idea of what the fury of the sea can achieve which in the past led to the demise of many ships in the area such as the Ethel and ferret.
Both groups took advantage of the sheltered conditions of the historic Thompson-Pfitzner walking trail built to transport gypsum from Inneston to Stenhouse bay to avoid the wind and showers. Wildlife was a feature of the camp with various sightings of snakes, numerous kangaroos and emus, tamar wallabies, ospreys, mallee fowl, dolphins as well as wildflowers.
Other places visited included Marion Lake, The Gap and Cape Spencer. The camp rounded off with a group dinner at the local tavern.
Many thanks to Isobel for organising the camp.