Riverton Camp

C Grade walkers

Passing a Canola crop

Forty-one members attended a C and D grade camp at Riverton in September. It was popular as a short camp with 3 walking days and for it’s proximity to Adelaide.

Accommodation was found throughout the town in the two hotels and at the caravan park, in cabins, tents and vans.

The walks were based on the Riverton Trails brochure and were well marked as they meandered through the local countryside on back roads and on the Rattler Rail Trail. We visited places such as Macaw Creek, Marschall’s Hut on the Heysen Trail, several old cemeteries in the Peter’s Hill area and the old railway station at Rhynie, as well as exploring the town.

The weather treated us kindly and the countryside was picture perfect with magnificent gums, and brilliant yellow fields of canola contrasting with the lush green of the cereal crops.

Much socialising took place with regular happy hours at the footy club rooms, a camp dinner at the Central Hotel and many informal visits to Jules café for coffee or breakfast. We were able to arrange a wine tasting after a walk at the Macaw Creek winery, and to visit the Hannaford Art Gallery. Some campers braved the cooler nights around a campfire at the caravan park.

Checking nothing is left behind