Tasmania – Tarkine Rainforest February

Walkers ready to set off

The Tarkine Rainforest is located in the north-west of Tasmania and contains the largest tract of cool temperate rainforest in Australia. This walk was arranged through ‘Tarkine Trails’ who provided a leader, Colin, and two assistants, Jillian and Raven.

The group started the walk from the northern boundary of the Tarkine Forest where we crossed the Arthur River by bridge. Loading up our 15kg backpacks for the day’s 10km walk we set off,  initially following an old forest road and then onto a small trail along the Pinner Creek to our first campsite on the banks of Mystery Creek.

Trails in the Tarkine forest pass through ancient myrtle and sassafras trees and many low level creeks and rivers. Being a rainforest the trails are always subject to falling timber and this was evident when walking as we had to negotiate many a fallen tree by stepping over or under them, sometimes difficult with a large pack on your back.

In the rainforest

The Tarkine Falls were reached on day three with water mystically braiding down the broken basalt rock face. On day five we left our Tarkine Falls camp winding through some of the most scenic rainforest of the trip. Our final campsite was reached later in the day at a great place named ‘Heaven Camp’.

On day six we slowly and reluctantly made our way out of the Tarkine Rainforest, crossing the Lyons River and then later wading the Arthur River. Our bus was waiting for us on the other side of the River with a BBQ lunch and refreshments to end a great walk.

More about the Tarkine can be found at www.tarkinetrails.com.au

At a campsite

The Tarkine Falls

Ancient ferns

Wading the Arthur River