Thredbo B-C Camp Jan 2018

The summer mountain camps at one or other of the Schuss Lodges in the Snowy Mountains have become an ARPA Bushwalkers institution since the first in 2001, with many happy memories. This year’s were at Thredbo, with a camp for B and C walkers from January 14-22, and for A and B walkers from January 22-31.

The weather was, as always, “interesting”: from coat / scarf / beanie / gloves the first morning, warming up to T-shirt weather by the third day, and by the end of the week necessitating shortened walks and an early start to avoid the heat of the day. But no days were lost to rain; thankfully, as there had been a 55 mm downpour the previous week.

Of the six walks for each group, three were in high country, including one to the top of Mt Kosciuszko, and three on lower ground. A highlight was the “C-courageous” walk for the C’s which involved a long off-track section through beautiful bushland between the Cascade Trail and Alpine Way.

One change from previous years is that Chris has passed the baton to Andrew and Elaine, who did a truly excellent job organising the camp and managing the lodge. Many thanks to Chris for organising and running these camps almost annually over the past 17 years.

Altogether a happy week for all concerned. Thanks to all!