Balcanoona Camp 30 July – 6 August 2021

A wonderful week with 26 members attending. We enjoyed good company, beautiful weather and spectacular scenery.

Uncertainty around Covid lockdowns and restrictions meant that some accommodation had to be reshuffled at the last minute, but thanks to the excellent camp organisers’ connections we were able to access a house in addition to the Balcanoona Shearers Quarters.

Highlights of the trip were –

  • McKinley Springs – B walkers making their way on hands and knees through narrow chasm.

• Mawson-Spriggina C walk – especially getting glimpses of yellow-footed rock wallabies up amongst the rocks, and some intrepid walkers climbed the steep hill for a better view! On the last leg of the walk we almost stepped on a fabulous bearded dragon, that blended perfectly with the environment.

• Bararranna Gorge – winding through shaly hills, with many points of geological interest including tillite, quartzite, siltstone and ripple-marked sandstone.

• Deep clear water in Weetootla Gorge (most creeks and waterholes in the area were empty after years of drought)

• Sturt’s Desert Pea in full flower – abundant in Kingsmill Creek, also seen in Bararranna Gorge.

• Tillite and stromatolites in Kingsmill Creek

• Views from Mt Warren Hastings (B walkers).

• Acacia Ridge – only 5k but very steep – sheer rock faces and fabulous views over the entire area, with Lake Frome a thin white line on the horizon.

After the final walk we all enjoyed lunch at the Arkaroola restaurant. For most walkers it was their first trip into Arkaroola Station, and several decided to scramble up Griselda Hill, much to the admiration of those sitting below. A fabulous camp!