Who can be a member?

Membership of the Bushwalkers is open to any financial member of Retire Active SA.

Fees – for the Bushwalkers

There is no joining fee and the current annual membership fees are :-

  • For a calendar year –  (1 December to 30 November the following year) – $15.00 for a single member or $25.00 for a couple at the same address.
  • People joining in December – June the following year, pay the full fee. This will cover their fees until 30 November.
  • For people joining in July – November, $10 for a single member or $15 for a couple at the same address. This covers their fee until 30 November.

Membership fees are payable by the last day of February each year

Our Bank Details are

BSB                  105-022
Account           58760440
A/c Name       ARPA Bushwalkers

There are no fees or charges for attendance on individual walks.


The Bushwalkers are covered by the public liability and member-to-member insurance held by Retire Active SA. All members are responsible for their own medical and ambulance insurance.

Name Badges

The club asks members to wear their name badge at all club functions.

Retire Active SA name badges are available free of charge to all new members from the Retire Active SA Office. But this is not an automatic process: badges need to be applied for. Lost or replacement badges are available on request at minimal cost.

Privacy Policy

The information requested on the Membership application form is protected by the privacy policies of Retire Active SA and the Bushwalkers, and is primarily used for mailing out the Newsletter.  Members’ details will not be made available to any third party.

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