Thredbo Alpine Camp March 2023

Combine the beauty of the High country and alpine areas of the Mt Kosciusko National Park together with the adventurous spirit of 26 Retire SA bushwalkers. What could be better?

A & B walkers plied their way through tracks, trails and undergrowth to reach and enjoy the astonishing beauty of the ridgetops and summits and surrounding environments. Some of the B walkers had the privilege of being on Mt Kosciusko twice, whilst the A walkers crossed the highest suspension bridge in Australia during their ‘Snowies Alpine Walk’ and walked their way to summit Australia’s 3rd highest mountain, Mount Twynam. 

The weather was beautiful with the exception of the 2nd day when rolling clouds and wind brought freezing conditions as the A group walked from Charlotte Pass to Thredbo and the B group walked from Thredbo to Charlotte Pass. The day was so cold that even Don and Mark opted for long pants and beanies. 

Many interesting features were talked about. Notably the abundance of cubed shaped poo indicating lots of wombats live in the area. ‘B’ walkers spotted  brumbies on the plains as they were returning from the Cascade Hut Track on their 3rd day and numerous well fed snakes were admired as they slid into the cover off the track. ‘A’ walkers were on the look out for spiders as Les spoke briefly about research he was helping with. 

Returning to the Schuss Lodge at the end of the walk was very welcome. Andrew gave us a 5 o’clock briefing for the following day’s plan and the kitchen was a hub of activity as we all prepared a well earned dinner. Settling down after dinner, a word game called ‘Take2’ was a popular option, along with reading and chatting about the day’s events. Most of us soon opted for an early night to be recharged for tomorrow’s bushwalking adventure.

Thank you to Elaine and Andrew for your amazing efforts to make such a successful camp possible. Thank you also to the walk leaders and tailers and the drivers who coordinated our comings and goings. Everyone who went on a walk came back tired but happy they had done it. Well done.