Grindell’s Hut Camp, Winter

The Grindell’s Hut B-grade camp was held in the Vulkathunha-Gammon Ranges National Photographing petroglyphsPark in mid August 2016.

Seven people participated for the six challenging walks over station tracks, up rocky creek beds and cascades – unusually with water in them – and through spectacular and steep gorges.

Morning tea adjVegetation was lush and ranged from giant river red gums, to eremophila, Australian hops  bushes, cassia and even some Sturt Desert peas.

What else to do besides walk?adj the rare purple spotted gudeon


Well, we observed history from millennia-aged indigenous petroglyphs, through pastoral history with remnant buildings such as shearing sheds and outbuildings, horse and sheep yards, spring fed windmills, wells, modern Aroona Dam, remains of short-lived copper and magnetite mines, macabre century ago murder and cremation sites and monuments, endangered rare purple spotted gudgeons and yellow-footed rock wallabies, star filled nights and giant full moons, and early dawn sitting on the veranda watching the morning sun spreading its golden light upon the mountains, bird watching, photography and drawing.

What a glorious sunny week.Lorraine and wallclimbing the cascades