4 Corners Completed in May 2016

Dedicated bushwalkersA group of Bushwalkers has walked, in relays, from Cameron Corner (SA, NSW, QLD),to Haddon Corner (SA, QLD), across the Simpson Desert to Poeppel Corner (QLD, NT, SA and finally Surveyor Generals’ Corner (SA, WA, NT).

The project took 5 years, 5 camps and involved support from the RAAF across the Simpson Desert. In total the group walked 1789km. A massive undertaking and a tremendous amount of work.P1000073

Teams walked sections leapfrogging each other and avoiding car shuttles. Most nights were bush camps and each person contributed something to the evening’s entertainment around the camp fire.

Huge tribute must be paid to Neil Sayers for the tremendous amount of time he put into ensuring the success of the venture. For example, this final camp required obtaining travel permission from four groups of Aboriginal Communities – a major and frustrating task. The group gave him a huge thank you.P1090419


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